Washington University International Relations Council

Meet the Executive Board

Cameron Barnes, President
Class of 2016 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Economics & Strategy, Political Science

Against all better judgement, Cameron was elected President of WU International Relations Council this past Spring. Although shocked and downright mortified at the poor decision-making skills of the club, Cameron is still excited to compete in one last year of Model UN conferences before he has to enter the real world. In his free time, Cameron enjoys working for the military-industry complex, brainstorming new ways to trap consumers into credit card debt, and taking long walks on the beach with his dog, Angie.

Cassandra Klosterman, Vice President
Class of 2016 – Gilbert, AZ
Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities, Russian Language and Literature

Cassie accidentally joined MUN while participating in the World of Politics Pre-Orientation program before the start of her freshman year. Since that time she has been an active member of the travel team and has served in various leadership roles such as treasurer, external programming coordinator, committee director, and a member of secretariat for the conferences WUIRC holds on Wash U’s campus. In her (somewhat limited) spare time, Cassie drinks way too much coffee and watches people’s eyes glaze over when she inevitably brings up aspects of Russian grammar or 19th century French novelists.

Trevor Krolak, Representative
Class of 2017 – Lexington, Kentucky
Biology-Neuroscience, Computer Science

Trevor first became involved with Model UN shortly into his first semester at Washington University, motivated by interests in history and international politics dating back to a five-year overseas assignment in Paris, France. New to the executive board, Trevor has previously served as USG of Committees for WUIRC’s high school conference, WUMUNS. Outside of Model UN, Trevor spends most of his time conducting biological research, expanding an eccentric music collection, and distance running.

Ross Meaden, Representative
Class of 2018 – New York, New York
Healthcare Management, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP)

Ross has been part of Model UN since 7th grade and has been an avid member of the MUN community ever since. Outside of his position as representative on Exec, Ross is currently a member of the WUMUNS Secretariat as a USG of Committees and is the director of a WUMUNC committee, Egan’s Rats: Crime and Chaos in the Gateway City. Outside of MUN, Ross spends a majority of his time pursuing his interests in medicine through his work at Beth Israel Hospital Research Labs and by killing himself with his pre-med work.

George Sanders, Representative
Class of 2017 – Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Economics, History, Finance

George joined the Wash U International Relations Council his freshman year and has been an eager member of the team ever since. Drawn in by the group’s spirited discussions on international economic and political issues, George is excited to give back and looks forward to staffing WUMUNC and developing his committee for WUMUNS. In his limited free time, George can usually be found in a dining hall or reading.

Tici Hassett, Treasurer
Class of 2017 – Mascoutah, Illinois
Systems Engineering

Growing up in a military family sparked Tici’s interests in global affairs, with a particular interest in the effects of American actions. This interest led her to join Model UN in high school which she decided to continue in college after participating in the World of Politics pre-orientation program. After chairing multiple committees, Tici is looking forward to directing the HMS Bounty for WUMUNS 2014. In her free time she enjoys discovering new music and eating ice cream.

Brandon Goren, Secretary-General of WUMUNS
Class of 2016 – Smithtown, New York
Computer Science, Economics, Psychology

Brandon has been a part of Model UN since his freshman year of college. He has previously served as a representative on the executive board and on WUMUNS secretariat as Chief of Staff, and could not be more excited to serve as Secretary-General for WUMUNS this year. Outside of Model UN, Brandon enjoys making bad puns, listening to the Beatles, and changing his majors. Brandon could not be more excited for next semester and looks forward to working the rest of exec to make it the best semester yet!

Henry Kopesky, Secretary-General of WUMUNC
Class of 2017 – Marion, Iowa
International & Area Studies, Finance

Henry joined model UN his freshman year of college before he really knew what he was getting himself into. He is ecstatic to develop and present his third WUMUNC, which he is confident will be a conference unlike any other. Outside of MUN, Henry’s pursuits are editorial (the WU Political Review), musical (the WU Amateurs, a coeducational a cappella group), and sartorial (every day, he hopes).

Isaiah Sciford, Secretary-General of WUMUNC
Class of 2017 – Homewood, Illinois
International and Area Studies (Development), Religion and Politics

Isaiah serves as representative to the WUIRC executive board. He has been an (over)active participant in MUN since his freshman year of high school. Isaiah maintains a deep academic interest in the emergence of fundamentalism in post-conflict scenarios in the Middle East and North Africa. Outside of MUN – if there is, indeed, such a thing – Isaiah serves as an active member of Sigma Iota Rho (the International and Area Studies Honorary) and wishes for more free time in which to nap.