Washington University International Relations Council


finallogo2The Washington University International Relations Council (formerly Model United Nations) started an intrepid cadre of international relations nerds who gathered to discuss the news of the day. Since then, the Washington University International Relations Council (WURIC) has blossomed into an award winning travel team that brings the Model United Nations circuit to the Midwest.

Humble beginnings

Started by Roman Solowski in 2004, Model United Nations was formed through Student Union at Washington University as a Category I club. The club aimed to bring  “crisis handling and globalization into the student arena” and fill a need for global-minded dialogue in an academic curriculum that lacked a major in International Relations. DSC_0848

The journey to WUMUNS 

After a failed initial launch in 2006, the Washington University Model United Nations Symposium (WUMUNS) was successfully brought to life in 2008 as the first student-run Model United Nations high school conference in Missouri, attracting over 100 high school students from surrounding states. Since then, WUMUNS has continued to grow, drawing over 90 Washington University student staff and 300 high school students from around the country every year. WUMUNS continues to be a celebrated club and campus tradition, bonding all members together for a weekend of little sleep and much debate.

The transition to the International Relations Council

On October 27, 2013 the club officially passed an amendment to the club constitution, changing our name from the Model United Nations Club to the Washington University International Relations Council (WUIRC). The name change represented our evolving presence on campus and expanding scope as a club. DSC_10722

WUMUNC’s launch

We launched our first college-level conference on Valentines Day weekend in 2014 as the first student-run college level Model United Nations conference in Missouri. Drawing local and regional schools such as Lindenwood University and DePaul University, WUMUNC 2014 brought the national Model UN circuit to the Midwest, giving many local delegates their first ever Model UN experience. DSC_1598crop 

  • Zachary Weinfeld (2008-2009)
    Alex Choi (2009-2010)
    Ian Davis (2010-2011)
    Stuart Davis (2011-2012)
    Jacob Walker (2012-2013)
    Cecilia Joy Pérez (2013-14)
    Jacquie Boyle (2014)
    Lisa Vongchingtrong (2014-15)
    Naomi Duru (2015)

    Alex Choi (2008, 2009)
    Kirsten Miller (2010)
    Jacob Walker (2011)
    Nathaniel Hyman (2012)
    Nick Hinsch (2013)
    Cameron Barnes (2014)
    Brandon Goren (2015)

    Áine O’Connor (2014)
    Cecilia Joy Pérez (2015)

  • Conferences competed at:
    London School of Economics – LSEMUN
    University of California, Berkeley – UCBMUN
    University of Chicago – CHOMUN
    Columbia University –  CMUNNY
    University of Pennsylvania – UPMUNC
    University of Florida – FLCS
    New York University – NYUMUNC

    Best Delegate Awards – Jacob Walker (’13), Cameron Moubray (’13), Isaiah Sciford (’17)